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Lynn C. Thompson is the President of Cold Steel Inc. and the Chief Instructor of Cold Steel’s training division. Most people know Lynn as the larger-than-life face of Cold Steel’s graphic PROOF testing videos, wearing shirt and tie and chopping through meat filled cowboy boots with a Great Sword, but Lynn is also a martial artist, a hunter, an avid survivalist, master at arms, and a lifelong shooter. Lynn founded Cold Steel Inc. in 1980, with a self-imposed mission to bring “the world’s strongest, sharpest” knives to the market.

His modernized “American Tanto” took the industry by storm and became a fast favorite with members of the military, law enforcement special units and the self-defense community who appreciated its strength and durability in the field. Over the next 37+ years, Cold Steel grew from strength to strength, expanding to become an edged weapons giant. While Lynn (thanks to his high energy improvised dialog and epic cutting feats in Cold Steel’s videos) became an internet celebrity.

Now, Lynn splits his time between the day-to-day running of a multi-million-dollar knife company, designing and developing edged weapons and tools, and his personal training as a Martial Artist. Lynn is also a co-host on RELENTLESS PURSUIT (the world’s foremost primitive hunting show), where he can be seen travelling the world with Tim Wells and Buck Medley hunting dangerous game with a spear, bow, and handgun.


Lynn has been a hunter his entire life. Growing up the son of a farmer in rural Brazil before re-locating to the USA, where he learned to speak English, and to hunt! He never lost his love of adventure, and despite setting up his business empire in sunny California he never missed an opportunity to travel the globe pursuing increasingly dangerous game.

Inspired by Wilbur Smith’s book “Men of Men” and reading about the exploits of notable handgun hunting pioneers like Ross Seyfried, Larry Kelly and Lucky Nightingale, Lynn embraced increasingly tougher challenges, eventually becoming the first person to take the Big 5 and the Dangerous 7 with a handgun and iron sights!

In recent years, Lynn has further pushed the boundaries of big game hunting by pursuing dangerous game with a spear and a bow!

Here you will see Lynn’s hunting exploits, as well as material from the Relentless Pursuit TV show and footage from the Cold Steel archives. This should not be considered training or instructional content.

You will see intense, exciting and often graphic hunting footage – viewer discretion is advised.

Martial Arts

A lifelong Martial Artist, Lynn began training Western Boxing, Judo, Shotokan and Wadōryū Karate at a young age. As he grew older he began to explore other Martial Arts disciplines and seeking out new instructors.

He has extensively trained in Wing Chun, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Savate, Silat, Shooto, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kickboxing as well as Western, Japanese and Filipino bladed arts for several decades.

Lynn’s principal Instructors are Guro Ron Balicki, Professor Anthony DeLongis, Sensei Luke LaFontaine, Sensei Mike O’Laskey, Sifu James Houston, and Master Russell Seveney.

Lynn also regularly seeks out and studies with guest instructors from all over the globe, most recently training Historical European Martial Arts with Master Bob Charron of St. Martins Academy, and Shastar Vidya Sikh fighting arts with Nidar Singh Nihang.

He currently holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in the Degerberg Blend Fighting System, an Associate Instructor Rank in M.A.R.S (Martial Arts Research Systems) and the rank of Master of Arms for his skill across multiple disciplines, including but not limited to empty hand fighting, edged weapons combatives and tactical firearms techniques.

Lynn is a much sought after instructor and consultant for military and law enforcement personnel. Over the years he has provided training and instruction for members of the DEA and the FBI, the world-famous Gunsite Academy, as well as members of our nations special forces.

As Chief Instructor of Cold Steel’s training division, he trains employees and “honorary family members” several times a week. He also teaches invitation-only seminars several times each year.

Here you will see Lynn’s own personal study with his coaches and training partners, as well as material from the Cold Steel archives. This is purely for entertainment value only and should not be considered training or instructional content.


Lynn describes himself as a “gun-a-holic”. A lifelong shooter, he still trains diligently with firearms for a minimum of eight hours a week and spends tens of thousands of dollars on his first love – firearms!  Known for his skill and experience with big bore handguns, he is considered one of the world’s premiere shooters with these large high-caliber revolvers. His exploits as a hunter have taken him all over the globe testing his training and experience in perilous situations and against dangerous game.

As well as pursuing his own research and private study, Lynn trains with two principal firearms instructors: Vic Pickett (world renowned competition shooter) and Dave Wheeler (Specialist Instructor for the LAPD, the State Department’s Anti-Terrorist program, Federal Marshals and Special Forces at Fort Bragg).

Here you will see Lynn’s own personal training and study, as well as material from the Cold Steel archives. Fun times spent at the Cold Steel shooting range as well as other more exotic locales. This is purely for entertainment value only and should not be considered training or instructional content.

Lynn’s Quickest Draw

Lynn’s Quickest Draw

Lynn Thompson's (Near) Half Second Draw! Inspired by renowned shooter Jerry Miculek's record, Lynn began training to draw from the holster and shoot the target. Here you can see his best time yet, .58 seconds!

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