• 2 hours of kettlebell and personal training session with Doug Nepodal

“This is the harder of the two training sessions I’ll have with Doug during the week, to start off on a good note.”


  • 3 hours of martial arts (Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Thai boxing, grappling and more) with guro Ron Balicki

“Ron intentionally puts me in high stress situations where I have to use the techniques I’ve learned from various disciplines to fight my way out and defend myself adequately.”


  • 4 hours of shooting practice

“I usually shoot about 700 rounds between an assortment of guns from 25 yards up to 110 yards. My regimen, distances, guns used and rounds shot will ramp up as I near a hunt so I can be at my best, no matter the situation.”


  • 2 hours of knife fighting with Ron Balicki

“I use multiple aluminum trainer versions of virtually every Cold Steel knife to encourage a safe training environment. We practice fighting with one and two knives, as well as grappling with a knife.”

  • 2 hours of Japanese sword fighting with Luke LaFontaine

“We vary from fighting with one sword versus two swords, two swords versus two swords, and even one sword versus fists or a knife.”


  • 2 hours of kettlebell and personal training session with Doug Nepodal
  • 2 hours of western sword fighting with Anthony DeLongis or Luke LaFontaine

“In this session, we’ll use training versions of swords such as the 1796 Light Cavalry Saber, the Thompson Saber and the Spadroon. I’ll often have a trainer of the 5 ½-inch Vaquero in my left hand, as that’s one of the knives you’ll never see me without.”


  • 2 hours of martial arts training with Russell Seveney (master in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do)

“We focus on hand-to-hand combat techniques and self-defense in a street fight scenario.”


  • 4 hours of fun at the shooting range

“While Wednesdays are my time to hone my skills, this is more for us to bond as a team, practice and throw at least 500 rounds downrange.”

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